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◆The Golden Keys International Alliance was established in 1929 in Paris, France, and is the world’s only network of personalized, professional, international service organization with over 80 years of history.

▲Since its official Chinese debut in 1995, the Golden Keys has expanded exponentially, covering 190 cities and over 1200 high-star hotels and high-end properties, with more than 2000 members of the Golden Key, Golden Key Service has been included in the National Tourism Administration’s National Star Hotel standards.

▲ In 2008, Golden Keys China was honored to be invited by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee of the 29th Olympic Games as the only brand service organization to participate in the reception service of the athletes' village and media village.

Golden Keys service concept
The interest of others first,
self-interest last: utmost intent, satisfaction and delight; 
delighted guests find richness of life.

  ▲“满意加惊喜”是金钥匙服务标准的指导源泉,金钥匙对服务标准的理解,满意是必须的,更强调是惊喜和感动,这就注定这种标准下的服务必然是高端、极致的服务。  金钥匙服务标准不同于企业的规章、制度或ISO质量标准,它是服务标准,不是管理标准,它是站在客人角度上制定的服务标准,更能体现“服务”
 ▲“Satisfaction and delight” is the guiding motto of Golden Keys’ service standard. Golden Keys’ interpretation of service standard is that satisfaction is a must, with a strong emphasis on delighting and touching the hearts of customers. This sets a binding standard under which service must be high-end, the ultimate service. Golden Keys’ service standard is different from enterprise regulations, systems or ISO international quality standards; it is a standard of service, not a management standard. It involves looking from the customer’s point of view to develop service standards to better reflect the "service."

●金钥匙在全国190个城市,1200多家高星级酒店和高档物业,拥有2000多名金钥匙,有人员的网络,他们通过友谊、协作达成服务,为客人解决在商旅途中的问题。 随着金钥匙服务预订系统的不断完善,所有金钥匙服务(委托代办)可以通过网络实现,网络技术使金钥匙服务提高效率,节约时间和成本

●Golden Keys have more than 2000 Golden Keys, who are the staff members in their network, in 190 cities nationwide, in more than 1200 high-star hotels and high-end properties. They achieve service through friendship and collaboration to resolve guests’ every need. The Golden Key service reservation system is constantly being improved, and all Golden Key services (by commissioned agents) can be accessed through the network. The network technology allows Golden Keys service to improve its efficiency, saving both time and costs

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