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Company Profile

Interval International 于1976年在美国佛罗里达州迈阿密成立。公司的核心业务包括度假交换、旅行和休闲服务。已加盟的度假村约有3000多个,遍布全球80个国家,会员家庭约200万户。公司代表处分布在16个国家, 约有1100名员工。Interval 隶属纳斯达克上市公司Interval Leisure Group 集团( 代码:IILG)。


Interval International (II) was founded in 1976 in Miami, Florida, USA. The company's core businesses include vacation exchange, travel and leisure services. II connects over 3000 resorts in 80 countries and has around 2 million member families. The company's representative offices are located in 16 countries with approximately 1,100 employees. Interval is part of the Interval Leisure Group (Nasdaq: IILG).





The company offers services in all areas of shared ownership, including traditional timeshare, split-time resorts, condominiums and private clubs. Our customers include the world's leading hotel companies and outstanding independent resort developers.


我们将自己定位在高质量度假地交换网络服务。目前在国际上开展度假权益项目的俱乐部包括万豪、威斯汀、四季、雅高、喜来登、凯悦、喜达屋、安纳塔拉等国际品牌度假俱乐部。他们都是II公司的长期合作伙伴。 其中凯悦、喜达屋国际度假俱乐部已先后被II公司并购。选择高品质度假村(酒店)加 盟, 追求度假目的地均衡分布是II公司长期的发展战略。


We are positioning ourselves as high quality resort exchange network services. At present, the international vacation clubs we are partnered with include Marriott, Westin, Four Seasons, Accor, Sheraton, Hyatt, Starwood, Anantara and other international brand holiday clubs. They are all long-term partners of II. Interval Leisure Group has acquired Hyatt Residential Group and Starwood International Vacation Club. By selecting high-quality resorts (hotels) to join the group, the company continues in its pursuit of a balanced distribution of holiday destination, II’s long-term development strategy.




II has an unrivaled global vacation exchange network, covering more than 3,000 resorts in 80 countries on six continents, providing endless holiday choices year after year. Its excellent mode of exchange and the amazing value benefits leave members deeply satisfied.




II continues to lead the industry by focusing on its consumers and resorts, in its service and hospitality, technology, marketing, research, and program development.





IntervalWorld.com offers real-time exchange requests and confirmation on the web.

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