Return to Atlantis, named after the empire that completely disappeared - the legend of Atlantis.  According to the legend, 12,000 years ago, the prehistoric civilization of Atlantis sunk beneath the waves due to changes in the earth’s crust, becoming one of mankind’s permanent mysteries. In order to reproduce the ancient mysterious dream of 12,000 years ago, Continental Hope Group’s Hope Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Carefully planned and constructed a unique amusement park – Return to Atlantis.






Return to Atlantis is located south of Chengdu’s Muma Mountain, of the bank of the Lihua Creek. It is a 20-minute drive from the Yongfeng Overpass of 2nd Ring Road and a 20-minute drive from the high-end Zijing residential area. The park layout is divided into six thematic areas, namely: Happy Mainland, Post-Industrial, Tribal Chiefs, Red Dragon Castle, Imperial Treasures, and Adventure Mountain Forest; combining the aesthetic of ancient Egypt, natural casual, fantasy cartoon, original ecology, and the post-industrial era. The park introduces a number of high-end recreational attractions, like the thrilling Return to Atlantis, Atlas, Eye of Poseidon, Speed Arena, and other large amusement equipment, like the Temple of Poseidon, Crete Treasure Hunt, Lucky childhood, and Leisure Valley. There are also interactive classes to participate in, like the 4D theatre that combines audio, visual and sensory stimulation to create a spiritual experience.




Return to Atlantis Joy World brings to life the 12000-year-old civilization – Atlantis. The park is divided into two phases. Phase I of the project is interactive leisure, comprising: Eye of Poseidon, Speed Arena, The Uncharted Track, Atlas, Return to Atlantis, Carmela’s blessing, Magnetic Flying Chairs, King Amon’s Cup, Expedition Coast, Clash of the Titans and other large amusement rides. It also includes a, Clash of the Titans, an interactive 4D theatre, and other interactive projects.  Phase II of the project is imagination stimulation, in addition the Greek Island Paradise are more than ten exciting children’s activities, like Discovering Atlantis, Sky Knight, Shuttle Orbit, the Libeier Airship, and other adventure attractions. Phase I and II combine to create childhood nostalgia, relaxed free leisure, and a passionate and unrestrained atmosphere of joy.





Return to Atlantis Joy World is open, with a total of 49 interactive attractions, including 16 rides, and 28 interactive attractions (12 of which are fee-paying, of which 9 are free the second time). 

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