With member hotels throughout the globe, you will have the opportunity to explore exotic cultures and embrace sunshine, sand, and sea. The taste of international cuisine will no longer be a dream. The resort hotels’ superior atmosphere and environment, exceptional service, and respected experience, integrated with nature, create an unforgettable experience.

Joining HCI means you will have a mobile home, with your own holiday bank. They will solve your holiday pains, allowing you to enjoy the bliss of your vacation, making life wonderful.






Development Mission:

Committed to becoming China’s number one brand in shared vacation home

Committed to developing the industry and providing world-class service





Development Vision:

To become China’s largest, best serviced, most technologically advance, most professional, most international shared vacation home service platform.






Continental Hope Group

After 30 years of establishment, with operations throughout the world, CHG has become a successful example of a global private capital and has consistently ranked in “China’s top 500 private companies” for many years.

Corporate capital and strength have helped the Culture and Tourism division self-fund all its operations, and allowed them to select cities with the highest development potential and the best quality tourism resources. From Chengdu to Hainan, then to Washington DC and other cities, Hope Culture and Tourism is committed to building world-class quality tourism real estate





Hope Shared Vacations

HCI has created a new model of global sharing vacations based on property rights. Expertly operated by a professional management company and supported by a leading professional exchange system, in order to achieve "a card in hand, world-wide accommodation exchanges, a life-long vacation," and to start a new era of family vacations, to help millions of easily achieve their dream vacation.





HCI World Vacations

With shared vacation homes as the concept, members as the center, and the Internet as the medium, HCI provides a membership service and international vacation exchange platform for those who want to go on holiday. HCI constantly combines real estate, tourism, and the Internet’s superior ability to integrate the industrial chain: scenic areas, travel agencies, airline companies, car rental, catering, etc. to create an “Internet + shared travel accommodation + maintaining good health” O2O service platform – HCI World Vacations.

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