赤峰福兴东方精品酒店位于赤峰市新城区兴安街,地处政府办公区与CBD商圈交汇处的黄金地段,邻近众联广场、金钰大都会、玉龙文化广场,地理位置优越,交通便利。   酒店客房分为总统套房、豪华套房、行政套房、豪华单人房、豪华标准房、特色女宾房、贵族水床房、麻将套房、单人房、标准房等。除此之外,还为女宾特别开设专属楼层,为女性打造出私密空间。所有房间均配置宽频接入的宽带、高品质绿色环保家具、高清防辐射卫星数字液晶电视,使宾客的商务洽谈环境与休憩的下榻氛围相得益彰。酒店中餐风味餐厅可以容纳200人用餐,西餐厅可以容纳120人用餐,婚宴大厅可容纳600人用餐,国宴包间7个、宴会包间18个,民族特色包间金顶大帐1个。酒店菜系以国宴为主推,海鲜为特色,鲁菜为基础,突出体现了现代饮食“三低一高”的养生文化。

Fuxing Oriental Boutique Hotel

Fuxing Oriental Boutique Hotel is located at the Xingan Street, New Urban District, Chifeng City and the intersection of the governmental quarter and the CBD business area, adjacent to Zhonglian Square, Jinyu Metropolis, Yulong Cultural plaza and enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. The hotel rooms are divided into presidential suite, deluxe suite, executive suite, deluxe single room, deluxe standard room, special room for women, aristocrat waterbed room, mahjong suite, single room and standard room. In addition, the hotel is equipped with a special floor for female guess, which is a private space created especially for women. All rooms are equipped with broadband, high-quality green furniture, high-definition radiation-proof satellite digital LCD TV, so as to achieve the complementarity between the business talking environment and the leisure atmosphere. The hotel has a Chinese food dining hall with a capacity of 200 people, a western dining room with a capacity of 120 people, a wedding banquet hall with a capacity of 600 people, 7 state banquet rooms, 18 banquet rooms and 1 national featured golden-top tent. Characterized by seafood and based on Shandong cuisine, the hotel mainly offers state banquet cuisine and emphasizes on the modern health preserving culture of “three low and one high”.


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