木棉湖帐篷家园酒店 位于坐拥山•海•湖的木棉湖国际养生度假区内,南临五指山热带雨林自然保护区,地处海南南渡江、石碌河、珠碧江等三大重要水系发源地,此处更是重要的饮用水保护地。周边自然景观资源丰富,拥有保梅岭、鹦哥岭、霸王岭、坡鹿等自然保护区。

木棉湖帐篷家园酒店 所在的区域是海南的绿肺,森林覆盖率高达83.47%,如此高的森林覆盖率造就了这里超好的空气质量。

木棉湖帐篷家园酒店 拥有独立帐篷13个,可同时容纳26人入住。客房设施按照星级酒店配置,24小时太阳能供应热水,另备有独立空调系统。







       Mumian Lake Tent Homeland Hotel

Mumian Lake Tent Homeland Hotel is located in the Mumian Lake International Health Resort which enjoys superior environment of mountain, sea and lake. The hotel is adjacent to the Wuzhi Mountain Tropical Rainforest Natural Reserve in the south and situated in thecradle of three important basins in Hainan—the Nandu River, the Shilu River and the Zhubi River, which is also an important protection areaof drinking water. It is surrounded by rich natural landscapes and abundant resources, including Natural Reservesof Baomeiling, Yinggeling, Bawangling and Polu.

Mumian Lake Tent Homeland Hotel lies in the“green lung”of Hainan, where the forest coverage is as high as 83.47%, making the air quality excellent here.

Mumian Lake Tent Homeland Hotel has 13 independent tents in total, capable of accommodating 26 customers. The configuration of guest room facilities is in accordance with starred hotel, provding 24-hour hot water supply supported by solar energy and independent air-conditioner is also available.

The central annular region of the hotel can be used for bonfire parties.

Temporary tents can be set up in the wooden trestle region, making it the best choice for children to experience outdoor life.

Supporting facilities in the Health Resort also includes golf training field and tennis court where professional coaches will bring you top sports experience.

The hotel is equipped with top-level Health Resort facilities including thesmall town of the Li People’s customs, AAAA rainforest park, ecological farm, tropical orchard, cultural entertainment center, hot-spring resort, health leisure park, health care center, institute for the elders, golf theme park, international competition-level tennis training field, sports bases for badminton, basketball and table tennis, fishing, tent campground, RV campground and equestrian base.

Meanwhile, customers of Mumian Lake Tent Homeland Hotel have the right to enjoy private seaside club in Hope Qizi Bay International Tourism Resort in half hour drive. They can feel the  vacation leisurein the environment of blue sky, white cloud, ocean and seabeach, experience entertainment projects such as the yacht, Jet Ski, snorkeling, banana boat and beach volleyball and enjoy entertainment and leisure facilities such as seaside barbeques and bars.



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